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Rub n’ Roll is in line with global trends:

Increased awareness for preventive healthcare as a reasonable alternative to the treatment of diseases.

A growing interest in non-medical home-based wellness therapies and appropriate products for hair, skin, and body care.

A focus on self-directed behaviour concerning own health, employing methods of complementary medicine.

• A rising role of digital tools to manage data and offer products and services online.

The HealthWave Centre empowers Rub n’ Roll with the digitally-enabled services, including:

• The data-driven Recommender Algorithm that helps customers to make effective purchase decisions.
• The intelligent Chatbot that provides customers with guided performance.
• The smart labelling to ensure customers in the authenticity of all consumables.
• The Knowledge Centre in which customers learn how to apply Rub n’ Roll effectively.

Our creative solutions are protected with the trademark, patent, and know-how to be shared with you.

Discover the huge potential and opportunities for Rub n’ Roll products and services.

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