Self-Health Care Benefits

Rub n’ Roll:
The Series of Skin and Scalp Stimulating and Oiling Massagers (patented)

The massager is a cheap, effective and readily reusable device to apply thin layer oil to the skin or scalp, while at the same time massaging the problem zones. It is designed to be placed on the top of the commercially available roll-on bottle.

Extract from the patent No 2019101191


According to modern research, massage can improve conditions of skin and hair and keep them healthy. Recent scientific findings in Japan and Hong Kong demonstrate that an effect of the massage can be seen on a cellular level. The recent tests in the USA show that massage enables penetration of various oils into targeted areas of skin. It has been proved that combining focused massage and an application of the appropriate mix of oils is very effective.

Benefits of using Rub n’ Roll:


An integrated solution to purposefully stimulating skin by its synchronous massaging and oiling in target areas.


Gentle for your skin because of the rows of tines of massagers made of elastically-deformable silicon and bend when you press it onto the skin.


The most efficient device to transfer small amounts of oils through your skin.


It can provide deep pressure massage to reach problem muscles.


Simple & reliable: Made in one piece from food-grade silicon, without moving parts and electronic components.


Customised models: Tine shapes include cylindrically-shaped, conical, pyramidal, etc. for different purposes.


Easy to wash and reuse: When finished using the massager, you may clean and rinse it by running water.


Can be used at home or office, during travelling, even in a tub or shower.

Self-massage with Rubn’Roll easily deliver self-therapy without special training. Numerous benefits of self-massage with Rub n’ Roll in comparison with professional massage therapy include:

Self-massage with Rub n’ Roll and oils is a revolutionary method to improve dramatically your skin and body conditions.


It is much cheaper, and nobody touches you.


It is less time-consuming, and there is no need for booking an appointment with a massage therapist.


You can focus on areas that are bothering you.


It is convenient to do it anywhere.