Rub n’ Roll is effective because it ideally fits your needs with the PROFIT™ set of digitally-enabled services that add value to Rub n’ Roll:

• Helping you to make effective wellness decisions
• Ensuring you in the authenticity of all consumables
• Providing you with a guided performance
• Teaching you how to apply Rub n’ Roll effectively

PROFIT™ (the registered Australian trademark No 1949116) = PROduct FITness


Before purchase

• The Navigator’s algorithm helps you to customise your choice and make the best decisions taking into account your skin type, age, etc.


During purchase

• The AI-bot guides you with helpful conversations about payment, delivery, return policy, etc.
• It proposes special offers and coupons, and ask you for feedback to improve and customize the whole service

After purchase

• You can control your delivery with AI-bot
• You can check the authenticity of all consumables with the QR Smart Label 1
• You will receive invitations to take part in events with QR Smart Label 2

By combining the patented Rub n’ Roll, the trademarked PROFIT™ method, and technology you will be provided with the best innovative self-health-care products and services.